Black wedding – Lyrics and music

Black wedding
There’s darkness in my soul,
I want to filter all with a sorrow veil.
There’s people everywhere,
I can see sorrow in their eyes,
a peak of their soul and of their hard life.

There’s a hole in my life,
I want to fil it all with fluffy things, entering the show,
I can feel lonelyness surround me.
I scream to myself but I keep it all inside.

It’s a black day, with black clouds,
they’re gathering around in the black sky.
There’s people everywhere, with big smiles,
I look into black eyes,
heading off to our black wedding.

There’s a meaning everywhere,
that’s why I wonder where all comes from,
I ‘ll paint it all black, if it’s the only thing I’ll do.
Giving the true colour to the crazyness around.

It’s a black day … REF x 2

Black wedding
It’s a black wedding,
it’s a black wedding,
it’s a black wedding.

It’s a black day … 


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