The true story of cosmetics! #swgreen

I came across a very clarifying and educational video from a action network called Campaign for safe cosmetics. On their site I can read that they are:

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition of women’s, public health, labor, environmental health and consumer-rights organizations.

But first check out the video;

I have earlier written about this subject. The marketing of products that we are made to believe that we need and also the effect of the chemicals that come in contact with every day.  The sad thing is that companies can write WHATEVER they want on the label with no law regulating if it is true!

The video is about all the products in our home, the bathroom. There are some inconvenient truth told: Dozens of children’s bath products were found to contain chemicals that cause cancer in lab animals and are classified as probable human carcinogens. Many companies use the pink ribbon against cancer to promote their products, but shouldn’t they instead remove all the carcinogens?

Seeing this video I am so happy that I have decided to minimize the amount of products I use and instead use solutions that I can find in the kitchen. Like ecological coco-oil. But more about that another time!

(Check out these FAQ about the video)

// Helt värt att titta på denna video, som handlar om coctaileffekten jag tidigare tog upp. Kosmetika som finns i vårt badrum innehåller giftiga ämnen och många ämnen som rent av är bevisade cancerogena. Företagen kan skriva VAD DE VILL på sin produkt utan att det kontrolleras att det stämmer. Det verkar vara rena rama vilda västern när det gäller denna branch och jag tycker att det borde förändras! Tom babyschampo innehåller cancerogena ämnen.


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