Kuyichi jeans

I ett tidigare inlägg efterfrågade jag er hjälp för att få tips om gröna jeans att köpa nya. Gröna som i ekologiska! Jag fick tips från @enbattrevarldnu på twitter om Kuyichi. På deras hemsida står det att:

Since 2001 Kuyichi has been at the forefront of innovations in sustainable denim and fashion-wear. Kuyichi is always searching for new sustainable concepts and constantly exploring and developing new sustainable production processes and materials. In close cooperation with MADE-BY, Kuyichi is constantly working to clean up its production process and increase its use of sustainable materials.

Kuyichi använder sig bland annat av organiskt bomull och återvunna pet-flaskor samt naturliga färgningtekniker som indigo. Deras webshop hittar du här och du kan söka efter återförsäljare här.

Ett annat tips är ju att köpa second hand!


// A friend on twitter @enbattrevarldnu told me that I should look into Kuyichi since I have been searching for brands with “green” jeans. They are cooperating with the organisation MADE BY to increase their sustainability. According to their site they are using recycled cotton and PET bottles in its collections, as well as other sustainable materials and also dying techniques that are natural.

You will find their onlineshop here and store locator here.

MADE BY: MADE-BY is a European not-for-profit organisation with a mission to make sustainable fashion common practice and improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry.


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