Get your shoe shine on!

This is a good and short video on how to polish your shoes, made by modernbutlers . The butler in the video is polishing a pair of shoes he has had for about 36 years. That’s amazing!

// Kolla gärna in den engelskspråkiga videon ovan där man på 5 minuter får en genomgång över hur man ska polera och vårda skor. Jag upptäckte även en video på svenska. Videon är från Davidsons skomakeri i Uppsala som visar hur man tvättar en skinnsko på djupet:

Detta är lämpligt att göra när skinnet är skadat av salt och smutsen har trängt in i skon.


3 thoughts on “Get your shoe shine on!

  1. Reblogged this on sofiawise and commented:
    I believe that people, animals and things all need their fair amount of Tender Love & Care.
    Acquiring is exciting. Maintaining takes consequence, endurance, patience. Just think about it: even pampering oneself does not always come that naturally. It requires some discipline and training, although you know it will pay back in terms of peace of mind.

    I am inspired by my sister’s new-found passion of giving TLC to everyday objects. From boots and bags to pieces of furniture, she cleans, waxes, impregnates, lacquers. And what was worn out, dull or scarred by time, comes out of her hands as good as new. Perfectly applicable exercises of mindfulness.

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