Make your own cover

Why not make a cover of a song you like?

Me and my husband are both into music and we made a cover of Britney Spears Toxic:

The original is far more a dance party track, right? So we made it a kind of the opposite, very acoustic with only an acoustic guitar and song. A homemade video on our couch with just our normal camera. No airplane, no sexy air hostess outfit, no nothing. So very us. So far from the original:

But we had a lots of fun and I think a lot of friends (near and far) enjoyed the video and the cover that we played live sometimes.

// Kanske lite inspiration för att göra en cover på en låt som du gillar? Du behöver din kreativitet och fantasi och kanske lite hjälp från en vän. Du kan göra en video eller bara en inspelning på din mobil. Nu finns det många möjligheter att göra egna inspelningar utan att behöva ha mycket utrustning. Med tex en smartphone kan man både spela in ljud eller filma i bra upplösning.


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