Count on me! – Du kan räkna med mig!

I once read a cartoon strip where the dialog was:

– Why do you read math?
– Because I want people to count on me.

And in this way I want to share with you that I study math (currently high school math with the hope of leveling it up). I also happen to have a husband that has studied math. Some people believe that girls and math don’t sum up. Even though many would not be aware of those assumptions themselves, they are subconscious due to society’s influence on gender.

I find myself getting comments from people when I say I study math linking my studying to the fact that my husband has studied math. I want to hereby declare that:

I’m not getting tutored by my husband in math. I, myself, study math and I have, myself accomplished a good grade.
Yes, I am a girl (well, woman) and I study math.
Yes, I am a girl and I have a good grade in math.
– More often I tutor other students than I myself get help from another.

In the same way as above I have many other interests that in society are more uncommon for women, but I believe more and more are discovering them. Since I have declared those things about math why not clarify some other things as well?

Yes, I am a girl and I record and mix, a skill I learned myself.
Yes, I am a girl and I am self learned guitarist.

2012-04-14 16.56.49Screen shot from mixing. I just loved this sound wave!

– Yes, I am a girl and I have learned Photoshop.
– Yes, I am a girl and I have learned programming with html and css. Currently also studying JAVA programming. (and yes, I also do that by my own self).
– Yes, I am a girl and I have learned Excel (high level).
– Yes, I am a girl and I have learned photography.
– Yes, I am a girl and I have learned to make movies, f.e Movie Maker.

So, the list can go on. Well, how do I do? I am just convinced that everybody can learn things as long as they try. I am interested in all those things above and I don’t think gender decides what you like. I also want to add:

You don’t need your p**** or d*** to learn things, just use your brain!
(Otherwise, please get help because you have a major problem trying to program with your ****!)
Härmed vill jag poängtera några saker, eftersom nu när jag läser matte ofta får höra kommentarer om min man Magnus, som också läst matte. Jag tror att många omedvetet kommenterar men för mig som hört det från flera håll börja jag ana ett mönster.

– Jag blir inte skolad av min man i matte. Jag pluggar matte på egen hand och jag har på egen hand uppnått ett bra betyg i matte.
– Ja, jag är en kvinna och pluggar matte.
– Ja, jag är en kvinna och har ett bra betyg i matte.
Jag har mycket mer ofta hjälpt andra med matte än själv behövt hjälp med matte. (Det ni, fatta!)

Utöver detta har en mängd olika intressen som jag själv har tagit upp och lärt mig.
– Ja, jag är en kvinna och har lärt mig: spela gitarr, Photoshop, mixa och spela in, Excel, filmskapande, programmering av html och css …

Hur gör jag allt detta? Jag vill och jag kan. Med den inställningen kommer du långt. Jag är intresserad av allt detta och söker kunskap och lär mig. Snälla lova mig att:

Använd inte din k** eller f**** för att lära dig saker, bara din hjärna!


2 thoughts on “Count on me! – Du kan räkna med mig!

  1. Great subject, I think women need more empowerment and confidence. Some interesting reading:
    Girls and science: why the gender gap exists and what to do about it

    “Genetically, the tests showed, girls are extremely capable mathematicians. Researchers then found that “countries with the poorest degrees of gender equality also have the widest gulfs between male and female mathematical performance”.

    Hypatia, Ancient Alexandria’s Great Female Scholar

    “An avowed paganist in a time of religious strife, Hypatia was also one of the first women to study math, astronomy and philosophy”

    Read more:
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