Oh, lala! SOLALA – Vocal group from #Sweden

My hubbie showed me this vocal group on youtube called Solala. Three guys singing a capella in the kitchen. Very beautiful voices and they make covers of different genres.

This one is the cover of Lily Allen’s “Fuck you”:

A type of song you sometimes would like to sing with a sweet voice.

They have a Facebook group and they are also on tour. Check out! I wonder if they will for real have a kitchen as a backdrop.

A band called Sound of the Shires that I found on Soundcloud made a cover of my single “Made of things” and played it live in France. So Solala, let me know if you want to make a cover of one of my songs! (hey, never stop trying, right?)

// Den här a capella gruppen måste du kolla in: Solala! Det finns mängder av versioner på youtube, jag la upp “Fuck you” av Lily Allen här på inlägget. Kolla in deras FB-sida och deras turnéschema. 


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