Oh, that red pants (not the leather jacket)

An outfit post with the red pants I found at thrift store for under 5$. They still had the tags, remember?

During the spring it’s really nice to have a pair of colored jeans I think. I made some different combinations:


– With a jeans shirt and t-shirt, a very relaxed look (of course you need a small giraffe also for the ultimate relaxed feel). Everything is second hand.


– Next, I combined it with a tunic that almost look like jeans fabric.Mismatch with a scarf that is mostly orange (it’s trendy to mismatch not to match at least when it comes to things like that) and a small bag on the shoulder. Tunic and bag are second hand.

IMG_9418– Sometimes just keep it simple, a t-shirt.

// Ett par röda jeans och flera outfits. Mycket second hand.


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