#kulturernaskarneval 2014 – Uppsala festival

Jag ser att Kulturernas Karneval för 2014 söker volontärer. Läs mer om det här! Det kan vara roligt att delta som frivillig på ett kulturarrangemang. Själv är jag en föreningsmänniska ut i fingertopparna. Tex var jag frivillig på Klädbytardagen 5 april i år.

Själv kommer jag att spela på Kulturernas Karneval på lördagen 24 maj!

//I’m going to perform at the festival called Kulturernas Karneval, in Uppsala on the 24th of may. They are currently looking for volunteers!

Konjac sponge – Natural trend in facewash

I’m curious about the Konjac sponge, a sponge that can be used for facial cleaning and body and that’s 100% organic. Made out of the konjac plant that is used in cooking in Japan.

I found a “how to use it guide” on youtube by Elena Tee:


Unfortunately the one I ordered (from ebay) was too dry so it just disintegrated … to thousand pieces. But my friend F has already tried it and can highly recommend it! I’ll just have to wait for a new one that I ordered. Until then I manage with my own natural recipes.

// Här kommer en tutorial för konjaksvampen som görs av något som heter konjakplantan och är 100% naturlig. Filmen visar hur den används.

Jag beställde en från ebay men tyvärr var den alldeles för torr så den gick i tusen bitar! Ny på väg, men min vän F kunde rekommendera den varmt.


HM conscious collection collage

HM conscious collection collage

Just want to bring you some inspiration for what you can buy new but still with less environmental impact.


HM kimono // HM shorts // HM lyocelltopp

I think this look is lovely. You can combine it with a statement necklace, an envelope bag and wedges. You can wear the kimono as it is or with a belt. The prices for the HM conscious are very good I think. You know you can also get a conscious discount?

Lyocell or also called Tencel is a material that is environmental friendly. It’s perfect for the hot days of summer and vacation as it has a comfy feel and dries very fast.

*All the pictures are from hm.com

Outdoor outfit


The mirror in the mirror effect. This jacket is kind of a classic for spring. It has a military feel that is a trend that always pops up in the springtime. So following a trend doesn’t have to be about buying something new.

An easy thing to do to renew garments or to pimp them is to change the buttons. For this jacket I chose a golden button since the golden details started to emerge for some years ago. This spring my friends asked me if the jacket was a new one.

I combined out with a secondhand pair of Lee jeans. Also a summer favourite, the light jeans with a flare.
Den klassiska militärjackan. Army modet återkommer ofta till våren. Satsa gärna på dessa mer hållbara trender. Jag förnyade jackan med nya knappar, ett enkelt sätt att ge ny stil. I vår fick jag frågan av mina vänner om jag hade en ny jacka!

Jeansen är ett par secondhand Lee som också är en sommarfavorit. Ljusa och utsvängda 😀

Äppelgröt- apple porridge

Så ett till recept på gröt denna gång havregrynsgröt med äpple och kanel!

Havregröt med äpple & kanel
1 dl vatten
1,5 dl mandelmjölk
1 dl ek. havregryn
1 rivet krav-äpple
0.5 krm salt
1 krm kanel


Jag börjar med att lägga i havren, vätskan, salt, kanel i kastrullen så det får koka upp.

Därefter tillsätter jag ett helt rivet äpple och rör om.

Efter någon minut, klart! Serverar med kanel och mandelmjölk :

En riktigt fruktig och härlig gröt!

// This oatmeal porridge has apple and cinnamon! It’s also milkfree!

1/2 cup * of water
3/4 cup of almond milk
1/2 cup of organic oatmeal
One organic apple
A pinch of cinnamon
A pinch of salt

It’s like making the normal porrigde. Add the ingredients and let it cook. I mixed the apple and added it at the end.

Served with more cinnamon and almond milk!

*American cups.

Happea Easter

Just want to share the Easter greetings from Chick on a pea, vegetarian and glutenfree cooking blog. The chick has a small sari and jewels, I think she’s lovely, don’t you? Stay tuned for some vegetable frenzy.

Chick on a Pea

The Chick on a Pea is in the subcontinent if you did not know. As I write, she has packed her bag and is  ready to take off for a three-day “vacation” at the Karnataka coast.

She is taking a train to Udipea with Malpea beach as her final destination…

She is looking forward to open landscapes, good company and things that tickle the taste buds.

Easter is a magic time of the year. Just make sure to breathe in the spring and think about the wonder of renewal. From the outside that surrounds us, to the inside that makes us who we are.


This is a time for wildflowers, long and light days, sunbeams reflected on white snow, swallows flying high and birds nesting. Wherever you are there will be things beautiful.

Oh, and amidst the cooking frenzy that usually comes together with holidays – do not forget to …

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I am a thankful and happy receiver of the


So, I’m almost shaking when I’m about to receive the award, it’s my first blogger award…But before I get up on stage to give my “thank you” speech, I want to start by presenting The Write Might, who nominated my for the Sunshine award!

The Write Might is a versatile blog and I would like to recommend some of his blog posts:
The museum of glass, contains a lot of cool pictures.
The Breakers, Rhode Island.
Buildings of New York City, also amazing pictures.


So, once again thank you for this award. It would not be possible without you fellow bloggers and of course my readers and friends. And I would also want to thank my family, specially my mom that always shares my posts on Facebook. LOVE!

And then, I wipe my cheeks from my almost tearing up eyes (thank God I don’t use mascara no more!) and give you 10 facts about myself before passing the honor to 10 positively and creatively inspiring me blogs that I will nominate for the sunshine award!

1. Originally half-Greek, half-Swedish I live in Uppsala, Sweden and keep mostly in touch with my inner Swede.
2. I started with music as an adult and I am a self-learned guitarist and pianist.
3. I am a social worker and I have worked as a research analyst in the public sector.
4. Currently I am shifting career to computer science by first studying math to the needed level.
5. I perform my music as Sadness Theory, and all the music is self-composed. That’s from where the blog is named and I write about many things from an eco-friendly perspective.
6. I have written more than 40 songs (probably more than 50 but who counts?). So no, I don’t know them by heart!
7. I have one sister and she’s one of the nominees, because she’s awesome.
8. I’m married to the love of my life, Magnus ❤ .
9. I just so much hate pink, the color, so I banned it from my clothes.
10. I’m a no-poo, I don’t use shampoo. Check my posts in the blog to learn more.

And ta-da, the nominees are:

– Sofia in Sofiawise. Travelling, reflections, life and photos.
– Mary and her adventures in Along Comes Mary!
– Steph, my partner in crime on flea market events, blog.
– This Crazy Guy In Thailand, when Swede goes Thailand, it goes crazy.
– With passion for fashion, Maddy B.
– A green lizard!
– Swedish librarian for the right of libraries in schools!
– Miss Cool, Miss Lou!
– Swedish comic, a children’s book for adults, Vuxna Tomas!
-This amazing photo blog, Kerlund photo.

Thank you all for the inspiration and I hope you will accept my award to you!

//Sunshine award: Nominerad av bloggaren The Write Might för att vara en positiv och kreativ inspirationskälla. Hur glad blir man inte av att höra detta? Självklart antar jag utmaningen och tackar bloggaren för att sedan berätta: 10 fakta om mig själv och nominera 10 bloggare. Följ länkarna i den engelska texten ovan!

Kvarg med äpple och kanel- Glutenfree breakfast


Kvarg med äpple och kanel
2 msk kvarg
Ett halvt kraväpple
Ekologiskt Havregryn
Eko valnötter
Eko solroskärnor
Eko linfrön

Det är bara att röra ihop. Kvarg är mätande och väldigt gott!

// Just a healthy breakfast proposal. What about cottage cheese and oatmeal, walnuts, sunflower seeds, linseed and cinnamon. Try it out, I love it!