This just in – Sustainable fashion #lindex #kappahl

From today’s shopping experience, so nice to see that the shops have more and more sustainable choices!

The recycled fashion by Kappahl:



This top is made out of recycled polyester and costs 249 Swedish crones, check here.



Lindex also has many nice choices and good prices for their basics.



The big signs at the shop really makes me happy because they promote the sustainable fashion:



Check for example this striped blouse for 129 Swedish crones. I’m also exited to see this GOTS tag on a big clothing line as Lindex!



The really beautiful collection of Holly and white with marine theme that also has some clothes with sustainable choices. Like this linen blouse:



//Här kommer en del härliga nyheter från kedjorna Lindex och Kappahl som erbjuder hållbara material och bra priser. Härligt att det finns stora skyltar och tydliga texter. Många likes!



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