#kulturernaskarneval 2014 – the gig

On Saturday I performed at the festival of Culture, Kulturernas Karneval, in Uppsala. The weather was lovely and a lot of people were there.

I’m really happy with the help from the volunteers, the backstage area for the artists and the organic selection of bread and coffee for us. Also all the associations, artists and exhibitions are participating for free.

IMG_9585I performed some of my songs, two of them are very new. One of them is called “Dancer” and it’s about pursuing your dreams and believing in yourself. And also not to let other people get in your way, to stay true to yourself.

It was really heartwarming to hear that it was a good performance, this is so important when you are a unknown singer/songwriter with passion for the environment! So thank you lovely girl for letting me know that! ❤

So if any of you lovely people that listened want to check out more, check Music at this site. The Spotify link is this, enjoy! And thanks to my hubbie for the nice pictures!



//Från spelningen på Kulturernas Karneval, vilken trevlig festival och hjälpsamma volontärer. Väldigt fint ordnat och bra utrymme för de medverkande med bakstage, ekologiskt fika och hjälpsamma volontärer.

Spelade bland annat låtarna “Dancer” som är en ny låt om att följa dina drömmar och inte förhindras av andra runt omkring. Spelade också “Lyckan i en ask“, en låt som är skriven på svenska om temat konsumtion och identitet. Att shoppa sig lycklig. Någon som känner igen detta?



Can you Guess that I wear second hand & conscious garments?!



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