About natural alternatives for haircare – #nopoo

PART 2– About natural alternatives for haircare

In this post I will tell you more about haircare.

Dry shampoo
I have used a dry shampoo called Apoliva that has no perfume. I also use talc (which is bad to inhale) so I would not recommend the use of it. I do use these products less and less.



Coconut oil
This oil is liquid above 25 degrees of Celsius. I use it for my dry ends, just take a little bit with my fingers so it melts.


 Aloe Vera gel
This is a good alternative to styling gel, since it is good for the skin. If I mix it with a little bit of lotion it gets the texture of styling wax.

Rapeseed oil
This oil is a very good alternative to the more exotic argan oil. It is very good for dry ends, something like three drops will be enough for me. Before washing my hair I can take a little bit more as a hair mask. I wouldn’t use this in the hot sun.



//This post is published separate in Swedish.


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