Singing by the river in #Uppsala

I enjoy social media and for my music it has been a wonderful way to connect with people all around the world. So let me first tell you a story of social media connection. Then I will let you know how me and my friends got to be in one of the photos marketing Uppsala. This is the pic:


Niklas Lundengård. From Destination Uppsala.

The story. So I went to this exhibition of Niklas Lundengård “Commuting Stress” and I see this picture of me:


Niklas Lundengård, Commuting Stress, pic 123.

Of course this was so unexpected since I didn’t notice him taking the photo and even if I think I didn’t actually at the moment commute I have the experience of commuting between Uppsala and Stockholm. And this inspired a song called “Moments of our life“. Which I tweeted about! And the photographer got exited because probably he didn’t think that he maybe photographed a composer who would write a song about it.

Moments of our life, when life is a rollercoaster, things passing you by.
Moments of our life, your lence like a photographic memory captured a moment of my life.

A song about fleeing moments. So I invited him to a gig and he came. And a while later he asked for people who would like to participate at a job for marketing the city of Uppsala. That’s how it was done!

I love the idea of marketing Uppsala, so in the pic it is me and my fellow artist in Edenroad, Frida Berglund, my husband Magnus Backström (well known in this blog as hubbie) and Rickard currently in the act Rickard & Magnus. We all are and have contributed to the culture of Uppsala by performing at festivals and many other occasions. And sometimes we play by the river!

//Min bild på Destination Uppsala. Fotograferad av Uppsalafotografen Niklas Lundengårdsom jag faktiskt fick kontakt med via Twitter. Jag såg hans utställning om pendlarstess vilket ledde till att jag skrev låten “Moments of our life“. Detta twittrade jag om. Han blev väldigt glad och kom på min nästa spelning då jag spelade låten för honom.

Därefter såg jag att han sökte personer och situationer för att marknadsföra stan. Och varför inte? Jag och mina vänner tillhör ju Uppsalas kulturliv med alla spelningar och evenemang! På bilden är det min vapendragare Frida Berglund, aka Edenroad, Rickard från duon Rickard & Magnus och min Magnus som ni alla känner som min fina man.


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