black&white #outfit with #hat

I have posted some outfits in the blog because I want to show you that second hand is a doable choice. Lately I have experienced a fashion overload and just want to push it away from me. Probably because of all the marketing to buy, buy, buy.

These are some pics from Sofia Aslanidou:

IMG_4244 IMG_4311

I wear: hat and top are old but new when I bought them, Gina Tricot I think. And:

Bag Erikshjälpen // shoes flea market // skirt & necklass Helping hand

// Jag tror att jag fått en fashion overload alltså, är riktigt less på mode. Kanske all köphets?

Men här kommer lite bilder på en av mina senaste outfits.

Väska Erikshjälpen // skor flea market // kjol & halsband Helping hand



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