A little help from my fellow bloggers!

Hello WP blogger!

So how have you promoted your blog? Do you have any advice to share with me?

I have tried following advice about how to promote the blog in different ways but find it hard to reach out. I see that other bloggers have themselves an audience and I am curious to learn new things to be able to reach out more.

// Har du något tips kring hur du kan sprida din blogg? Vad har du själv gjort?

Det vore roligt att få höra tips för att kunna nå ut till flera läsare. Jag har hittat råd på nätet och har följt många av dem. Ändå kan jag tycka att det är svårt att nå ut.


7 thoughts on “A little help from my fellow bloggers!

  1. I’ve got 480 followers now. Since February. I’m not sure that’s good or bad. The indicator on the blog says 1007 or something. But that includes twitter and Facebook people. I spent time on linking to both of those. On twitter and wordpress I’ve also looked for other blogs with similar themes and taken an interest in those and in reading and commenting.
    I also post every day and use the blog scheduling if I’m away.
    Lately I’ve been doing more to connect with other blogs. For example participating in photo themes from other blogs.
    That’s the main things I’ve tried to far. Hope that helps a bit.

    • Oh, thank you a lot! Well, I use the social media to connect with other blogs as well, like Twitter. I haven’t participated in photo themes, but it could be nice, I like photography as well! So thank you again. I will put more time in the social media as you mention. You have a lovely blog there 😀

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