A guitarist guide to jewels

This is totally a serious post!

So what jewels can you wear when playing the guitar without them being in the way of playing?

This is an informative picture that can guide you :


So as for bracelets you can wear them on your left hand but not on the right (only if they are very tight) because you will accidentally touch the chords.

As for rings go for it on the right hand but avoid them on your point finger and thumb on the left. You will use the pointing finger for barre chords and your thumb for muting the E chord.

At last for you wearing necklaces prefer a short one rather than a long. A long one will not be seen and will bump your guitar making annoying sounds!

// Guiden till gitarristens smycken. Kolla på bilden ovan!

Armband på vänster hand då de kommer emot strängarna om du har armband på höger hand. När det gäller ringar funkar alla fingrar på höger hand men däremot undvik på pekfinger och tumme. Det kommer störa barre-ackord respektive dämpning.

Välj ett kort halsband som syns när du spelar och inte kommer slå mot baksidan av gitarren.

Tipsen gäller såklart både kvinnliga och manliga smyckesbärare!


Play that funky music!


I like this concept I saw at a hotel bar in Uppsala. Over the pickup there’s this sign saying that you are free to play music.

Lovely initiative not only as a nice deco detail but also for the guests.

// En fin LP spelare på en hotellbar i Uppsala med uppmaningen att spela skivor. Inte bara fin inredningsdetalj men också trevligt sätt för gästerna att umgås på.

One lovely blog award!

So for some weeks ago I got the One Lovely blog award from the lovely Aspen of Mars!


This is the second award for me, I also got the sunshine award!
But to accept the lovely blog award I have to follow these rules:


1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

So! Thank you again Aspen of Mars, check out her nice blog about food, beauty and music.

Seven facts about me:

  1. Studying to be a computer gee… I mean scientist.
  2. I am married to a computer gee… I mean scientist!
  3. Actually it’s my second time around being a student since I am already a social worker Bachelor.
  4. Music is my passion and it makes me feel good, I love to write music, perform and record. I play solo and also with a duo, Edenroad!
  5. Oh, I just love, love, cats but I am so allergic to them. Irony of life…But fortunately a good friend also has some lovely cats!
  6. I have overcome a life long fear during this summer. I started gradually last year and this summer I took a big step forward. Makes me proud of myself.
  7. I love social media and I have an account everywhere…sort of. It’s fun to connect and get to know new people and to get opinions. On the blog, my music.

 The blogs I nominate:

  1. The Kathy documents
  2. The Jenny Mac Book Blog
  3. Magic and writing
  4. Omona nails
  5. A stitch to scratch
  6. Natalies lovely blog
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Thank you all and I hope you will accept this award, just follow the steps I listed above!


Ett nytt blog-pris för a lovely blog award som jag fick från Aspen of Mars. För att acceptera detta pris ska man tacka den som nominerade, lista ett par saker om sig själv och sedan lista 13 bloggare som i sin tur får göra samma sak för att “ta emot” priset. Med andra ord en rolig grej från bloggare till bloggare!


Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmsfestival! #shortfilmfestival

Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmfestival

Jag fick ett brev från Uppsala Kortfilmsfestival och vill gärna tipsa er om den!

20-26 oktober är det dags för årets Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmfestival på Fyrisbiografen, Slottsbiografen, Regina och Grand. Under en vecka visas 306 kortfilmer från 54 länder. Under veckan arrangeras en rad seminarier, branschmöten, fester och utställningar. På fredag börjar vi sälja biljetter på Uppsala Stadsbibliotek.

Årets specialprogram bjuder på stor bredd både till form och innehåll. Årets största specialprogram är ”Kärlek bortom normen” som innehåller 27 kortfilmer som handlar om normbrytande kärlek, relationer och sätt att leva. Andra program på årets festival: Polska animerade klassiker, familjeprogram, internationella dokumentärer, dansfilm, kortfilmsserien “Vi förändrar oss”, Kortfilmsklassiker, Film från Uppland, Uppsala på film, Vinnare från andra festivaler och Fantastisk film.

Årets program presenteras på www.shortfilmfestival.com.
Följ oss gärna på Facebook: www.facebook.com/uppsalakortfilmfestival.


Uppsala International Short Film Festival

I got the letter from the shortfilmfestival and of course I want to make a post, you should check it out!

This year’s Uppsala International Short Film Festival takes place 20-26 October at Fyrisbiografen, Slottsbiografen, Regina and Grand. 306 short films from 54 countries will be screened. Several seminars, talks, parties and an exhibition will also be arranged during the festival. On Friday the ticket sales starts at Uppsala Stadsbibliotek.

The largest special programme this year is “Love Beyond the Norm” and contains 27 short films about norm breaking love, relations and ways of living. Other programmes shown this year: Polish Animation, International Docurama, dance film, Towards a Canon of Shorts, archive film from Uppsala, Films from Uppland, European Film Award Nominees, and a lot more.

The programme is available on: www.shortfilmfestival.com/en.
Follow the festival on www.facebook.com/uppsalakortfilmfestival.


Read this inspirational blog on clothes and how you can manage with less. Looks like it’s possible!


The good thing about ‘living out of a suitcase’ is that a suitcase has limited capacity. Right now, my few clothes take up minimal space in a couple of drawers and a rack.

I more and more appreciate rational clothing choices; making sure to invest in things that match and that are of good quality.

I very rarely shop nowadays, but when I do I think a bit extra of colours and  possible combinations. I shun black whenever I can in favour of dark blue. Black feels so dusty and dark. I like the freshness of the blues and the greys and light them up with sparks of colour. Here is where my scarves come particularly handy.  I almost exclusively go for natural materials, unless there is no other choice (see swimsuit).

My sister has introduced me to thrift stores. I like the mix of styles and knowing that I…

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