Climate March

I would love you to read this post about the climate march, written by Sofiawise.


Climate march, 22 September 2014…A unifying cause that should make each and every one of us go out on the streets and show that we care.

However, the question remains. Why do we need to go on marches to defend what is obvious, namely the right to a world were private interests are not short-sighted and detrimental to society as a whole?




I get particularly annoyed with things like: plastic packaging that calls itself recyclable but which cannot be recycled were you live because of missing infrastructure. Yet it can make its way around the internal EU market with its little misleading bent arrow-logo, no problem, no frontiers, no hassle. Another great example are all the products, from food to clothes, that are full to the brim with unsolicited  and oftentimes dangerous chemicals, made with TLC for shiny happy people with first world problems. Not to mention all the plastic…

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