Creamy Christmas rice

Well, of course you can do the rice pudding vegan, milkfree. Here’s a recipe from chick on a pea. Follow her for more food inspiration!

Chick on a Pea

Christmas rice porridge. Santa’s favourite.

My vegan version is  fluffy, white and light like new snow.


For two persons you will need:

1 dl of white rice, the type you use for rice pudding, soups etc. I used some white broken rice.

Wash the rice and place it in a big cooking pot with 3 dl of water, some salt and a piece of cinnamon stick (you can also add a piece of vanilla pod: once the pod has become soft, pick it up, cut it open lengthwise, scrape it and remove the pod); let simmer on low heat.

When the water has started evaporating and the grains have expanded, add 200 ml of almond milk (or the milk of your choice), stir and let it continue cooking on low heat with the lid on.

Again, after a while when the liquid has almost evaporated and the rice is soft…

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