Natural trends

Some natural trends spotted at Elle magazine.

One of them the nude face, no makeup.

Check them out, do you like them? I do, really like the natural trends!

// Naturliga trender på Elle . Tex nude trenden, helt utan makeup.

Vad tycker du? Jag gillar den naturliga trenden mycket!


8 thoughts on “Natural trends

      • Yeah, cover stick is a base. I’m saying it’s a natural look, but misleading to say she is wearing no makeup at all.

      • Well the trend is the nude face, to wear no makeup, of course depending on the skin. I don’t say anywhere that she is not wearing any makeup. And as I said before the article states that they did send out the models with no makeup and used a cover stick if needed. So she may as well not wear anything.
        So I am not misleading in any way as I don’t comment the particular model.

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