Hairstories part 1

Sometimes you just check an old photo and you’re like oh, that was when I … For me probably all the hairstyles I have gotten. Imagine some people think they have seen my original hair color. Oh, come on, it has never been seen since the mighty nighties! I guess just because I am an brown eyed girl they assume that I have very dark hair, actually it’s more of a lighter brown. Or at least it was, back in the days!

Ok, Hair story part 1!

hair collage 1

Amazing right? Many different styles I have managed. The pics are from 2009 and forward.

//Den hårresande sanningen om Kattis hår. I bilder.


2 thoughts on “Hairstories part 1

  1. Oh wow, so many different hair colors and styles, you’r very brave! I would never dare to do so much different with my hair, I have never done anything other than put some blond stripes in my hair. Maybe it’s about time I try something different too.

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