Summer rolls

Recipe for Vietnamese style summer rolls with a tasty peanut sauce. You need to try it!

Chick on a Pea

The other day I made a batch of Vietnamese-style summer rolls, aka sheer rice paper wrapped around seasonal delicacies. I used my Asian cook-book and the internet for inspiration; my version is, I believe, a good compromise, based on easily accessible ingredients.

What elevates this dish is the fresh mint and the peanut sauce. Together with the nuts, the bean pasta used in the filling constitutes a source of plant-based protein. Although the summer rolls require minimal cooking, you have to allow some time for the preparation and final assembly that could also be turned into a fun group activity.summerrollsmaterialsummerroll_fillingsummer_roll_foldsummerrollsserved

For the rolls you will need:

– 1 pack of rice paper (ca: 20 pcs, 100% rice)
– 200 g bean pasta/noodles
– 200 g carrot, quartered lengthwise and cut in small pieces
– 2-3 spring onions, quartered lengthwise and finely chopped
– 1 cucumber, seeded and cut in wedges
– 10 big lettuce…

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