The environmental crisis scream!

The weather this summer, the fires in Sweden and other countries, the alarm that the experts raise have me really concerned about life on Earth.

Some years ago I wrote a song, Discover the flower in you, and I am happy for this for the song I would write now would be just a scream. To wake up, to make the leaders of the world see that this is the last chance.

The song is quite sad but with a ray of hope, everyone can discover the love to nature inside them. Now we have to be warriors and fight for our planet so that our children can experience the life on earth as we have had.

Some of the lyrics of the song (which also is on Spotify if you prefer):

Discover the flower in you
Lately I’ve been thinking about,
whatever is happening to us,
somehow we fear for the truth,
it’s like we get what we choose.

Lately I’ve been worrying about,
unthoughtfully I make decisions.
This is not a silly game,
nothing will ever be the same.

Discover the flower in you,
discover the flower in you,
discover the flower in you,
take the chance,
take the chance!