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… 300 followers now. Even though my blogging is a little bit off right now I would be very happy if you recommended my blog. There are a lot to read, from second hand inspo to recipes and music.

And as always I would love to read your blog, comment and we will connect on social media.

//Hej, nya följare! Om du känner någon som vill ha inspo kring allt mellan secondhand, recept och musik, tagga mig! Jag vill också connecta med dig, länka din blogg, Insta, Pinterest, allt.


5 ways to market your blog

5 ways to market your blog

So, a fellow blogger asked me if I had any ideas on promoting your blog. And I thought I would share my advices or what I have learned so far:

  1. Use different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others to spread your blog. You can also make automated posts either from the platform itself or check out , there are really many things you can do.
  2. WordPress has a great community and there are a lot of bloggers supporting each other. So if you reach out to other bloggers and follow them many will follow back. Search in the WordPress reader with a key word so you can find bloggers with similar interests. Comment on one of their post and let them know you want them to check out your blog!
  3. Comment on other blogs and make a link to a post from your blog. Be sure not to spam, find a relevant post.
  4. Try networking! Many times I don’t have time to search for other blogs, but if someone likes a post I go to their blog and thank them. Also when people comment on my posts I always answer.
  5. Use hashtags for your topics, that can be very important on Twitter and Instagram.

What would you advice? What have you learned so far?


Några tips som jag har lärt mig på vägen när det gäller att marknadsföra sin blogg:

  1. Använd olika plattformar såsom Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr för att sprida din blogg.
  2. Använd dig av WordPress community där många bloggare gärna följer tillbaka och ger sitt stöd när du behöver det. Leta fram bloggar med samma intresse och kommentera så att de lär känna dig.
  3. Var aktiv och kommentera på andras bloggar.
  4. Nätverka med dem som hittar dig genom att besöka deras blogg och svara dem som kommenterar dig.
  5. Använd hashtags som kan vara viktigt för att andra ska hitta din blogg.

Vad har du lärt dig under din tid som bloggare? Vad har funkat?


3 steps on How to Tumblr

So social networking is an art or what do you say? Tumblr is still a mystery to me, of course I am on Tumblr as well with Sadness Theory!

On Digital trends I found this article that breaks the art of Tumblr into three steps:

  • Step 1: Tailor your content
  • Step 2: Engage with others
  • Step 3: Advertise

Follow the link to the article to learn more!


Tre steg för att få igång din Tumblr. Du kan hitta Sadness Theory där givetvis! Följ länken till Digital trends för att läsa hela artikeln.

3 free programs for editing photos

3 free programs for editing photos

Here are three nice programs I recommend to editing photos!

  1. Picasa: Googles photo shower where you also can edit.
  2. Fotor: A very nice program to make photo collages with.
  3. Pics Art: A great tool to have on your Android phone.


3 bra & gratis program för att redigera bilder!

Jag vill passa på att tipsa om tre bra program/appar som du kan redigera dina bilder i.

  1. Picasa: Googles fotovisare där du kan redigera bilderna enkelt!
  2. Fotor: Ett bra verktyg för att lägga på effekter och göra fina kollage!
  3. Pics Art: En bra verktyg du kan ha på din Android telefon och direkt redigera och lägga effekter på dina bilder!

Exempel på kollage jag gjort i Fotor.

hair collage 1

Example of a Fotor collage!



Funding Wikipedia

Do you use Wikipedia?

Strange question maybe, who doesn’t?

The other day I just did that, googled something and got a link to Wikipedia. This time they asked me to donate an amount to keep it ad free and therefore free. And so I did with a very small contribution.

I got this email back :

Over the past year, gifts like yours powered our efforts to expand the encyclopedia in 287 languages and to make it more accessible all over the world. We strive most to impact those who would not have access to education otherwise. We bring knowledge to people like Akshaya Iyengar from Solapur, India. Growing up in this small textile manufacturing town, she used Wikipedia as her primary learning source. For students in these areas, where books are scarce but mobile Internet access exists, Wikipedia is instrumental. Akshaya went on to graduate from college in India and now works as a software engineer in the United States. She credits Wikipedia with powering half of her knowledge.

This story is not unique. Our mission is lofty and presents great challenges. Most people who use Wikipedia are surprised to hear it is run by a non-profit organization and funded by your donations. Each year, just enough people donate to keep the sum of all human knowledge available for everyone. Thank you for making this mission possible.

On behalf of nearly half a billion people who read Wikipedia, thousands of volunteer editors, and staff at the Foundation, I thank you for keeping Wikipedia online and ad-free this year.

Help funding Wikipedia you too !

Använder du Wikipedia?

Konstig fråga kanske men här om dan hamnade jag , som många andra gånger, på Wikipedia. De efterfrågade en donation för att kunna fortsätta att erbjuda kunskap fri från reklam. Jag bidrog med en liten slant.

Jag fick ovanstående tack mail från dem. Hjälp du med, med en liten donation!