It’s not easy to discribe your own music and that is why it has been helpful to take part of reviews and comments over the years.
Ergo gives “Praying to a Gucci God” score 4 out of 5 describing it as melancholic, ballads with low tempo but high intensity, following tradition from Tori Amos and Regina Spektor.
Mary from the LA based blog Along comes Mary says:

I have fallen in-love with their current single, “Made of Things”. ”What do you believe in” she sings, “praying to a Gucci God, who made a bag?
What’s on your mind, update yourself before it’s too late.”

Also Pär Berglund from Meadow Music speaks his mind about the single:

In the song “Made of Things”, which is about materialism and superficiality, I can sense a breath of Tori Amos and Regina Spektor,
who are also among the influences Kattis writes about on her site. 

Eco-blogger from the blog Ecocentrisk promotes the album release as the lyrics are about second hand or reusual.
She says (in swedish):

Det är inte varje dag som man får höra någon sjunga om second hand eller återanvändning så missa nu inte chansen och höra henne
när hon uppträder i början av oktober under sin releasekonsert i Uppsala!

Ergo ST Made of things recension Meadow Sadness Theory Ecocentrisk Uppsalatidningen blogg 1208062014-05-24- Artikel UNT


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