Does #Angora recall policy mean not still selling stock?

Does #Angora recall policy mean not still selling stock?


A question raised on twitter by @JonnWills after the post about the H&M newsflash I wrote about the other day. The news on H&M site contain the following information:

On November 27, we stopped all production of angora products. We have since then made additional inspections of the farms from which our suppliers source their angora wool. Since angora farms are located further upstream the supply chain, we can currently not guarantee the compliance with our Product Policy and specific requirements for angora husbandry. We have therefore decided to cease production of angora products.

So the banning is about the production of new angora products, but what about the products, garments and accessories that already are produced? Will H&M (and the other companies that have banned angora) still sell them without knowing how the angora was collected?

On the other hand is it not a waste of material and resources to not sell any angora products that were produced before the banning of angora?

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// Diskussion på twitter som berör HM:s förbud mot angora i produktionen. Vad innebär det för de redan producerade angora-produkterna, kommer de att fortfarande säljas i butik? Följ diskussionen på @SadnessTheory och @JonnWills.


H&M bans angora – Angora förbjuds

I read a news article from H&M in which they inform that they ban angora. In december 2013 they announced:

We have been in close dialogue with PETA for several years and as a responsible company we have decided to permanently cease the production of angora products.

Thank you for that!

Angora comes from rabbits, check this link (so fluffy!). The angora rabbits get their fur ripped off, google it and be aware that there can be very graffic images (that’s why I don’t provide you with a link).

//Jag läser en nyhet på H&M att angora totalförbjuds då de inte kan garantera att deras krav möts. Flera företag verkar ha gått samma väg till följd av att det framkommit att angora kommer från kaninpäls som rycks bort då dessa stackare fortfarande lever. Du får själv googla fram då starka bilder medföljer artiklarna. Djurplågeri verkligen. Så här fluffiga är kaninerna.