No ‘poo means no shampoo- #nopoo

I read an article about this woman, the title was “She hasn’t washed her hair for 3 years!”

Chocking to most of you, right? I mean we have all see the commercials with the lathering shampoo and then how beautiful and shiny our hair becomes (OK, the model’s!). The shampoo makers say: OUR shampoo is so mild that you can use it every day. But you know that I recently have seen through many things about marketing? Or the video from the Campaign of Safe Cosmetics telling us how many really bad ingredients they are in our products?


I also read articles and posts  that suggests we have too much hygiene. For example this article saying that too much hygiene can affect our immune system.

We are very afraid of not being clean. So many of us wash ourselves too much, many as much as three times a day. Well, did it occur to you that the shampoo maker want you to wash your hair every day so THEY can MAKE MORE MONEY? Or that washing your hair with a conventional shampoo makes your lengths dried out and also your skin on your scalp producing more grease? Well, hallelujah to the shampoo company: they have millions of products to help you with the problems the shampoo caused! And they will make millions and billions of dollars.

Littleowlcrunchymomma is the woman the article is about and you can read her story on her own blog.

Why do people like you and I stop using shampoo? Let me tell you why! Do you know that many people suffer from atopic eczema? That’s a skin condition that gives you dry skin and eczema. As many others I also do have this sensitive type of skin. It’s common for people with allergies. Because of that I cannot use products with perfume. Even my scalp is reacting to products. So I have to find other ways and use mild things to my skin.

And I have. I have reduced the amount of products I use. I also avoid conventional shampoo but of course I still wash myself and I am clean. My facial skin feels better of using rapeseed oil for removing makeup, coconut oil for a boost and the same lotion I use for my body (behold! the crime of the century!). I do scrubs with sugar and oil. My skin feels so fresh and nice. No dry spots or itch. And my hair. Oh, my God, my hair is fantastic! The volume and the feel. No grease.


Littleowlcrunchymomma är kvinnan som skapat rubriker med texten “Har inte tvättat håret på tre år!”, läs hennes blogg.

Även om shampotillverkaren säger att du ska tvätta håret varje dag, så menar många frisörer att du ska tvätta håret max 1-2 gånger per vecka. Även Sofie Fahrman säger att hon tvättar håret 2 gånger per vecka. Men utöver det vänder sig många till “no’poo” metoder som du tex kan läsa på Det finns många anledningar till detta främst handlar det om att vanliga schampo är väldigt starka och innehåller farliga ingredienser. Bland annat en av våra största bloggare Kenza är en no’pooare.

Tyvärr har vår hygien i många fall gått över till någon slags överhygien. Många kan duscha flera gånger om dan. Samtidigt finns många som utvecklat atopiskt eksem som innebär att huden är väldigt torr och utvecklar i värsta fall eksem. En av dem är jag och kan inte använda produkter innehållande parfym. Jag kan inte heller använda stylingprodukter. Jag har vänt mig till alternativa metoder för att tvätta håret för att undvika det konventionella schampot. Jag värvar oparfymerat schampo med balsammetoden, vattentvätt och torrschampo. Mitt hår är på topp just nu då det har volym och stadga. I’m not going back.