Push the paus button!

Sometimes you just need to push the pause button and enjoy the silence, loading energy for new posts, comments and interactions! Stay tuned for some completely random update whenever the mood is on!



Kind of a blog crisis….

… Because I don’t have much time and I find it hard to find inspiration right now. The purpose of the blog is to inspire to consume less and to think more environmentally friendly. Since my music has been about that.

Right now with my studies in computer science and of course my sweet baby I don’t really have the time to write thoroughly….

So expect some experimental time to see if I can find a new way of blogging that suits my life.

// Har lite tappat gaisten med bloggen och kommer därför experimentera här framöver för att se om jag kan hitta ett sätt att blogga som jag trivs med och som passar mitt liv.

5 ways to market your blog

5 ways to market your blog

So, a fellow blogger asked me if I had any ideas on promoting your blog. And I thought I would share my advices or what I have learned so far:

  1. Use different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others to spread your blog. You can also make automated posts either from the platform itself or check out ifttt.com , there are really many things you can do.
  2. WordPress has a great community and there are a lot of bloggers supporting each other. So if you reach out to other bloggers and follow them many will follow back. Search in the WordPress reader with a key word so you can find bloggers with similar interests. Comment on one of their post and let them know you want them to check out your blog!
  3. Comment on other blogs and make a link to a post from your blog. Be sure not to spam, find a relevant post.
  4. Try networking! Many times I don’t have time to search for other blogs, but if someone likes a post I go to their blog and thank them. Also when people comment on my posts I always answer.
  5. Use hashtags for your topics, that can be very important on Twitter and Instagram.

What would you advice? What have you learned so far?


Några tips som jag har lärt mig på vägen när det gäller att marknadsföra sin blogg:

  1. Använd olika plattformar såsom Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr för att sprida din blogg.
  2. Använd dig av WordPress community där många bloggare gärna följer tillbaka och ger sitt stöd när du behöver det. Leta fram bloggar med samma intresse och kommentera så att de lär känna dig.
  3. Var aktiv och kommentera på andras bloggar.
  4. Nätverka med dem som hittar dig genom att besöka deras blogg och svara dem som kommenterar dig.
  5. Använd hashtags som kan vara viktigt för att andra ska hitta din blogg.

Vad har du lärt dig under din tid som bloggare? Vad har funkat?


The very inspiring blogger award

I got nominated for the very inspiring blogger award! Wiiii!

The blogger who nominated me is Jaanethough, blogging about lifestyle, beauty, musings. You can read her post about the inspiring blog award here. And don’t forget to follow Jaane who combines beauty with no animal cruelty, shouldn’t we all?

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add their link to your blog

2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate other bloggers.

5. Contact your nominees and provide a link to your post.


6. Display the award logo (button) on your blog, whether on your sidebar or about page, or special award page.

So here are the seven things about me:

  1. Music is my passion and it makes me feel good, I love to write music, perform and record. I play solo and also with a duo, Edenroad! Let me know if you check it out and what you think.
  2. I started blogging 2013 because I wanted to share my thoughts on environment, help myself and others to a sustainable living and promote second hand!
  3. I started my solo band Sadness Theory 2008 together with my then boyfriend and now husband, Magnus, the love of my life!
  4. Music has set off a lot of other interests such as programming, photo and video editing, photography and so on!
  5. I’m now studying to be a programmer-full time nerd- and it’s very rewarding.
  6. I love those little fluffy creatures such as cats and dogs, but have allergy to them 😦
  7. I already have a bachelor, in social science.

And I nominate:


Chantal and Shekina

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Stina Markan

Kerlund photo

// Ett nytt blogg-pris (hurra!) från bloggaren JaanethoughOch givetvis har jag listat 7 fakta om mig som så bör och därefter nominerat vidare ett par andra bloggare.

Just to be clear!

As some of you know one of my goals for a more sustainable living is to minimize the amount of products I use. For my daily routines for makeup, facial care, hair care.

But now and then I do buy and try something new and will make a review on the blog. I have some upcoming reviews on organic products and want to clarify that they are my own opinion.

I have no profit from the blog what do ever and I haven’t gotten any products for free. And if I would of course I would let you know.

The only reason I have the blog and the website is my passion for music and environment and therefore sustainable living.
Som ni vet är mitt mantra att ju färre produkter desto bättre! Nu har jag några uppkommande recensioner på gång här på bloggen och vill klargöra att de bygger på mina egna tankar.

Jag har ingen vinst på min blogg och jag köper alltid själv mina produkter. Skulle jag få skickat något skulle det såklart framgå.

Anledningen att jag driver bloggen och hemsidan är min passion för musik, miljön och det hållbara livet!

Lovely blog award from Aquileana

In this post from Aquileana I got nominated for the second time for the lovely blog award, and I have forgotten to thank her and accept the award. Since I already once accepted the award I decided just to give Aquileana a thank you note in this post!

Follow Aquileana and the blog of greek mythology, that has fascinated me since a child, and that is well written and interesting!