A Merry Sustainable Christmas

Christmas- consumtion frenzy big time

Well, every year I do sent out the Merry Sustainable Christmas card so let’s do this!

I wish you all a Merry Sustainable Christmas!

Sadness Theory Christmas postcard


Do you buy Christmas gifts? Then why not choose these kind of gifts:

  • Second hand
  • An experience f.i the movies
  • Something consumable, vine, chocolate or coffee
  • Eco-friendly products

I try to apply these rules whenever I buy gifts or going for a visit.

Actually in our family we will not exchange gifts. In that case you can:

  • Donate to charity
  • Donate Christmas gifts for children or people who are poor

// En god hållbar jul till er alla!

Med julklappar som är …

…second hand

Eller om ni inte ger julklappar, ge tex till välgörenhet.