Photos from Friday fashion fever @Swappis!

Some photos from my last gig at the Friday Fashion event for Uppsala Fashion weekend the 19th of september:


 All the photos of me brought by my husband!



To perform in a lovely surrounding like this with people shopping around is nice. My Sadness Theory music is on Spotify!




I have a black vest over the black dress, and so did this doll. My new band member!

During the evening there were a really lovely show by a girl named Rebecca, she put together some wonderful outfits from the Swappis clothing.




Again thank you all for coming, it was really nice to participate!

//En bildbomb från den senaste spelningen på Swappis Friday fashion fever!


The gig at #fleamarketdeluxe

My last performance was at Flea Market Deluxe and I also was involved in arranging this event. Flea Market Deluxe is an environmental festival with second hand, recycle design, designers and also art and music inspired by environment and recycling! The purpose of arranging Flea Market Deluxe is to inspire students and the public to shop second hand and to recycle as a sustainable alternative for consumption.

So thrilling to be part of such a wonderful event. I performed solo with my Sadness Theory act and also with my duo Edenroad. My friends and family were there for support and to listen to some new songs that I had rehearsed both with ST and Edenroad. Going live with my friend Frida is very rewarding and inspiring. We perform songs written by either her or me.


Photo by Magnus Backström


Edenroad – Photo by Magnus Öberg

My plan was to gather some other musicians as well to perform for the shoppers! And I am very happy to have gathered such fine artists to perform. One of them was Josefin Danielsson, a very talanted young artist with smart lyrics and inspiration from the sixties:


Also a band with fantastic energy, Fredrik Hardenborg and the Freediving  Bluesband, performed some new songs written about the environment and that is so inspiring:

A fantastic duo performing these beautiful songs about love with a country vibe and such a nice feeling (I am a huge fan Magnus and Rickard!), Magnus Öberg and Rickard Hultberg:


photo by Magnus Backström

Can you see how amazingly synced they are? Totally fantastic match made in music heaven.

And my Flea Market Deluxe collegue doing her debute at FMD? Stephanie Thurow. So brave to sit there in front of this audience and all the people around and just lay down a piece of your soul.


Over all it was really nice even if I had a lot to do so I didn’t have the time to check out the flea market …

// Här kommer foton från Flea Market Deluxe där jag spelade och var även med och  arrangerade. Jag fick ihop ett riktigt bra gäng musiker, tycker jag själv! Det var som vanligt roligt att spela och spelade några nya låtar både som solo och tillsammans med mitt band Edenroad.

Made of things – Lyrics and video

Made of things

Are we made of things, things that surround us, inside and out?
Are we made of dreams, dreaming you’re a superstar, fame over night?
What do you believe in, praying to a Gucci God, who made a bag?
What’s on your mind, update yourself before it’s too late.

I feel so empty inside,
But I shake I shake my bag

One day you’re in, next day you’re out and there’s no doubt.
Have you heard the news, who made it all the way to the stars?
Are they happy now, shining in the light of precious fame?
Wanna feel like them, buy their brand, it spells like joy.

I feel so empty inside,
But I shake I shake my bag

Cold emptiness, things that surround us, inside and out?