Black Hole Sun- Won’t you come?

Soundgarden, 1994, Black Hole Sun. Do you remember it? The amazing song, the creepy video?

Me and my hubby checked out a documentary about them and the song and then we had grunge here at home for some days. Amazing. I love the darkness in the song along with the creepy super happy in the video (black wedding?)

In my eyes,
In disguise
As no one knows.
Hides the face,
Lies the snake,
And the sun
In my disgrace. (…)

Black hole sun,
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain?

//Inspiration från SVT:s dokumentär om Soundgardens låt Black Hole Sun. Vilken sång, vilken video. Länge leve grungen!

Älskar också blandningen av den mörka texten och de läskiga leenderna i videon.