One day reflecting over your heritage and the history of your ancestors can leave such an impact. The stories that were told that day have us a taste of the past. Just a love how this blog can make you see how.
Storytelling is a way to describe and pass forward our experience and this is often a source of inspiration to my music. Memories, dreams and thoughts weaved in with a melody that can describe a feeling.


In the pause between the main course and coffee there is space for much to be said. When hunger is satisfied, attention can move to finer things than a gurgling stomach.  This span of relaxation, when senses are laid-back, is the optimal time for stories to unravel.

When far-away family recently came over to meet their relatives in the Swedish motherland, stories flourished as faraway cousins from the two sides of the Atlantic got together around a long meal.

One side remembered the jars of quaint jello sent over by the American aunts, and the more interesting newspaper wrapping. A now seventy-year-old family member recollected how,  when visiting the relatives in America as a young man, he was asked to fetch some watermelon from the fridge and ended up staring into the guts of the cooler not knowing what he was supposed to look for.

reunitedThe American side shared the…

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