I am a thankful and happy receiver of the


So, I’m almost shaking when I’m about to receive the award, it’s my first blogger award…But before I get up on stage to give my “thank you” speech, I want to start by presenting The Write Might, who nominated my for the Sunshine award!

The Write Might is a versatile blog and I would like to recommend some of his blog posts:
The museum of glass, contains a lot of cool pictures.
The Breakers, Rhode Island.
Buildings of New York City, also amazing pictures.


So, once again thank you for this award. It would not be possible without you fellow bloggers and of course my readers and friends. And I would also want to thank my family, specially my mom that always shares my posts on Facebook. LOVE!

And then, I wipe my cheeks from my almost tearing up eyes (thank God I don’t use mascara no more!) and give you 10 facts about myself before passing the honor to 10 positively and creatively inspiring me blogs that I will nominate for the sunshine award!

1. Originally half-Greek, half-Swedish I live in Uppsala, Sweden and keep mostly in touch with my inner Swede.
2. I started with music as an adult and I am a self-learned guitarist and pianist.
3. I am a social worker and I have worked as a research analyst in the public sector.
4. Currently I am shifting career to computer science by first studying math to the needed level.
5. I perform my music as Sadness Theory, and all the music is self-composed. That’s from where the blog is named and I write about many things from an eco-friendly perspective.
6. I have written more than 40 songs (probably more than 50 but who counts?). So no, I don’t know them by heart!
7. I have one sister and she’s one of the nominees, because she’s awesome.
8. I’m married to the love of my life, Magnus ❤ .
9. I just so much hate pink, the color, so I banned it from my clothes.
10. I’m a no-poo, I don’t use shampoo. Check my posts in the blog to learn more.

And ta-da, the nominees are:

– Sofia in Sofiawise. Travelling, reflections, life and photos.
– Mary and her adventures in Along Comes Mary!
– Steph, my partner in crime on flea market events, blog.
– This Crazy Guy In Thailand, when Swede goes Thailand, it goes crazy.
– With passion for fashion, Maddy B.
– A green lizard!
– Swedish librarian for the right of libraries in schools!
– Miss Cool, Miss Lou!
– Swedish comic, a children’s book for adults, Vuxna Tomas!
-This amazing photo blog, Kerlund photo.

Thank you all for the inspiration and I hope you will accept my award to you!

//Sunshine award: Nominerad av bloggaren The Write Might för att vara en positiv och kreativ inspirationskälla. Hur glad blir man inte av att höra detta? Självklart antar jag utmaningen och tackar bloggaren för att sedan berätta: 10 fakta om mig själv och nominera 10 bloggare. Följ länkarna i den engelska texten ovan!