Top favorite Zombie #movies

My top favorite Zombie movies!

A slightly different topic from my blog but why not?

Zombie movies are great. Scary but still not close to really scary movies that I cannot manage watching.

1. Resident evil, the first movie. Just amazing. Have watched it so many times.

2. 28 weeks later. Follow up of 28 days later but better. Featuring repopulation after a Zombie apocalypse.

3. Zombieland. A comic approache with friendship and romance.

4. Shaun of the dead. A comedy. British. Really good, funny, scary and everything.

5. Warm bodies. A newer film, a romantic comedy with more human zombies…

//Mina topp fem zombie filmer. Resident evil – första filmen, 28 weeks later som är en follow up men den skildrar återbefolking efter zombie apokalyps.

Jag gillar även komedier som Zombieland,
Shaun of the Dead som är Brittisk och Warm Bodies.