5 ways to market your blog

5 ways to market your blog

So, a fellow blogger asked me if I had any ideas on promoting your blog. And I thought I would share my advices or what I have learned so far:

  1. Use different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others to spread your blog. You can also make automated posts either from the platform itself or check out ifttt.com , there are really many things you can do.
  2. WordPress has a great community and there are a lot of bloggers supporting each other. So if you reach out to other bloggers and follow them many will follow back. Search in the WordPress reader with a key word so you can find bloggers with similar interests. Comment on one of their post and let them know you want them to check out your blog!
  3. Comment on other blogs and make a link to a post from your blog. Be sure not to spam, find a relevant post.
  4. Try networking! Many times I don’t have time to search for other blogs, but if someone likes a post I go to their blog and thank them. Also when people comment on my posts I always answer.
  5. Use hashtags for your topics, that can be very important on Twitter and Instagram.

What would you advice? What have you learned so far?


Några tips som jag har lärt mig på vägen när det gäller att marknadsföra sin blogg:

  1. Använd olika plattformar såsom Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr för att sprida din blogg.
  2. Använd dig av WordPress community där många bloggare gärna följer tillbaka och ger sitt stöd när du behöver det. Leta fram bloggar med samma intresse och kommentera så att de lär känna dig.
  3. Var aktiv och kommentera på andras bloggar.
  4. Nätverka med dem som hittar dig genom att besöka deras blogg och svara dem som kommenterar dig.
  5. Använd hashtags som kan vara viktigt för att andra ska hitta din blogg.

Vad har du lärt dig under din tid som bloggare? Vad har funkat?



I follow you

(en svensk text följer)
So how do you want to keep up with my posts?

You can download the app of Bloglovin and follow my blog so you can get updates when I have uploaded a post. Bloglovin is also available for your PC.

You can also follow my page on Facebook. That can be a good thing if you are on Facebook and you get the updates there. Of course you never know if you actually will see the updates as Facebook has a strange way of displaying things. You could also follow by email, as for now there is a follow button underneath the Instagram picture.

Then we have Twitter: @SadnessTheory where you also can get updates for my posts.



Let me know how it works for you! I am happy to connect with you as well let me know where your site is!

Hur kan du bli uppdaterad av min blogg?

Ett sätt är att använda appen Bloglovin‘ som ger dig möjlighet att få dina uppdateringar för de bloggar du är intresserad av!

Min Facebook sida som visserligen alltid uppdateras med nya inlägg frågan är om du får se alla, lite klurigt deras system. Såklart jätteglad om du gör ett like också. Men annars finns också möjlighet att följa via email där du får ett mail varje gång jag uppdaterar.

Använder du Twitter? @SadnessTheory heter jag där också och där kommer också alla inlägg upp.

Does #Angora recall policy mean not still selling stock?

Does #Angora recall policy mean not still selling stock?


A question raised on twitter by @JonnWills after the post about the H&M newsflash I wrote about the other day. The news on H&M site contain the following information:

On November 27, we stopped all production of angora products. We have since then made additional inspections of the farms from which our suppliers source their angora wool. Since angora farms are located further upstream the supply chain, we can currently not guarantee the compliance with our Product Policy and specific requirements for angora husbandry. We have therefore decided to cease production of angora products.

So the banning is about the production of new angora products, but what about the products, garments and accessories that already are produced? Will H&M (and the other companies that have banned angora) still sell them without knowing how the angora was collected?

On the other hand is it not a waste of material and resources to not sell any angora products that were produced before the banning of angora?

Join the discussion @SadnessTheory and @JonnWills

// Diskussion på twitter som berör HM:s förbud mot angora i produktionen. Vad innebär det för de redan producerade angora-produkterna, kommer de att fortfarande säljas i butik? Följ diskussionen på @SadnessTheory och @JonnWills.