Sustainable fashion on People tree

This is a webshop that I have been told about that has the profile of sustainable fashion. So of course I want to share it with you!


(screenshot from the site)

People tree say on the website:

People Tree is recognized by customers and the fashion industry as a pioneer in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion. For over twenty years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce a collection of ethical and eco fashion. Fair Trade is about creating a new way of doing business, creating access to markets and opportunities for people who live in the developing world.

A big thanks to my friend Caroline for showing me this site!

P.S Just let me know if you have something like this to share, I can gladly make a post!

//Min vän Caroline tipsade mig om denna sida för People tree som har miljövänligt mode. Bra service och leverans!