Launching the new website for

So the new website for Sadness Theory is here! Mostly the same as before but on a blog platform instead of the embeded MySpace-code. I guess WordPress will not suddenly just delete everything like MySpace did (no, I don’t hold grudges!) for it will be a blog disaster chaos.

So what’s new? Well, you have the same content with about, media, music, gigs and gallery on the meny option. The difference is that the webpage is now responsive, so it enables you to surf on any kind of device you like. The blog platform will make the blogging easier!

// Nytt utseende for Sadness Theory hemsidan med en responsiv design på bloggplatformen WordPress-som jag hoppas till skillnad från MySpace inte bara raderar hela bloggen en dag. Samma innehåll men den responsiva designen gör att surfandet blir enklare och jag hoppas även att bloggande blir smidigare!