Sadness Theory is self-composed, melodious singer/songwriter music wishing to affect you with its stories. Sadness Theory started out as a music duo performing together since 2008 and is since 2011 a soloproject, with Kattis singing and playing either the piano or the guitar.

Sadness Theory has performed in various venues mainly around Uppsala, Sweden, such as local festivals, theme nights and vintage-events. Made of things, released in 2012, was featured by Mary from the LA based blog Along comes Mary, who says:

I have fallen in-love with their current single, “Made of Things”. ”What do you believe in” she sings, “praying to a Gucci God, who made a bag? What’s on your mind, 
update yourself before it’s too late.”

The first album “Praying to a Gucci God”, released on the 6th october 2012, includes ten tracks with the valuable contribution from local artists. Listen to it in Soundcloud or Spotify.

A common theme in my music is environment, reusing the things we own but also the identity issues that emerge from living in a materialistic society. 

So WHO is Kattis?


I started singing when I was a child but started composing and playing instruments in my early twenties. I get inspired by the people around me, the world we live in, my everyday stories. Then I sit by the piano or the guitar and express my thoughts and feelings through the lyrics and melodies.

Artists that have inspired me a lot in my music are Tori Amos, The Cure and Portishead. Other artists I enjoy and that awaken my creativity are Regina Spektor and Marina and the Diamonds.

Here on my website you can listen to my music, find contact- and gig information and read my lyrics.The photos on my website are from the fantastic photographer Spyros Paloukis.

Contact me by e-mail to sadnesstheory [at] gmail [.] com


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      • Hey, ok. Sorry, I didn’t get the instructions. Well, it’s an honour to know you admire my blog so of course I accept! Just new to this.

      • Great! Just do what I did: I thanked the blogger who nominated me with a link to her blog – I said 10 things about myself – I nominated 10 bloggers I felt deserved to be recognized – and I displayed the award badge on my blog. All the best, and congratulations!

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  2. Love your blog. Very cool. To think I found it reading about shampoo and no shampoo! So glad I did. You are so talented, love the music and all else on the blog combined. -CC

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