A guitarist guide to jewels

This is totally a serious post!

So what jewels can you wear when playing the guitar without them being in the way of playing?

This is an informative picture that can guide you :


So as for bracelets you can wear them on your left hand but not on the right (only if they are very tight) because you will accidentally touch the chords.

As for rings go for it on the right hand but avoid them on your point finger and thumb on the left. You will use the pointing finger for barre chords and your thumb for muting the E chord.

At last for you wearing necklaces prefer a short one rather than a long. A long one will not be seen and will bump your guitar making annoying sounds!

// Guiden till gitarristens smycken. Kolla på bilden ovan!

Armband på vänster hand då de kommer emot strängarna om du har armband på höger hand. När det gäller ringar funkar alla fingrar på höger hand men däremot undvik på pekfinger och tumme. Det kommer störa barre-ackord respektive dämpning.

Välj ett kort halsband som syns när du spelar och inte kommer slå mot baksidan av gitarren.

Tipsen gäller såklart både kvinnliga och manliga smyckesbärare!


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