Spring Cleaning: Closet Clean Out

A very good article on how to make a closet clean out.

This is a very good thing to do now and then. When you organize your clothes I think you can make better use of your clothing.

Caroline Renae


It’s finally starting to feel like Spring! This is a great time to reorganize around the house, especially in your closet! Here are some of my favorite tips on choosing what to part with, and how to organize:

1. A simple way to keep track of what clothes you actually wear is to hang the clothing backwards. Turn all of the hangers. If you wear an item, hang it back normally. After 6 months or so, part with any garments that are still hanging backwards. You may be surprised at how much you aren’t wearing!

  1. If you have some pieces that you don’t want to donate because they’re valuable, try PoshMark, eBay or your local consignment shop.

3. Ask yourself this: If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?


4. Get rid of that one dress that you’ve tried on 3 times in the last year without actually wearing…

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