#Edenroad gig collage – #music

And so a Edenroad gig collage ❤ ( throwback Thursday?)
…and I suppose you all know by now that Edenroad is the duo I perform with, me and Frida Berglund.


So it’s the bookstore gig in 2012 // Kulturnatten 2012 (Night of Culture) // Flea market Deluxe 2013 jan // Flea market Deluxe 2013 oct

Pics by Magnus Öberg, Magnus B, Rickard H. Thank you guys 🙂

// Så Edenroad spelningar: Bokhandel 2012 // Kulturnatten 2012 // Flea Market Deluxe 2013 jan och oktober.

Tack Magnus Ö, Magnus B. och Rickard H. för bilderna!


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