Sewing machine from the fiftie’s – #Husqvarna love

So, one of the lovely blogs I follow “Home that we built” wrote a post about a Singer sewing machine that she bought. The one that her grandmother had way back when she was young was one of these antique beautiful machines that now also can serve as a decorative detail in a home.

I also know that the swapping store “Swappis” in Uppsala have one of these old machines in their store. My sister captured it on detail when we visited the store:


(by Sofia Aslanidou)

And my grandmother’s machine is from the fiftie’s, a Husqvarna.



This is a portable machine but I tell you, it’s heavy! There’s not so much plastic that why they still work so well. We took it for a repair-service, totally worth it, and probably it can hold for a long time.

// Bloggen “Home that we built” gjorde ett inlägg om en gammal Singer, som är alltså en hel möbel. Riktigt vackra som inredningsdetaljer är de också. En sådan typ av maskin finns på Swappis butik i Uppsala som fångades på bild när jag var där på besök.

Min mormors fina maskin är från 50-talet, en härlig tung och gedigen Husqvarna som vi servade. Det var verkligen värt det.


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