Mavala nail polish review

Mavala nail polish review

I have now tried out Mavala nail polish which is 5 free! The color is Los Angeles.


And also the combo of Nicosia and Los Angeles.



The overall impression is good!

+ I have a hard time making nail polishes to stay but this one was good!
+ They come in small bottles which is very convenient, they will not dry out and you will probably have time to use it.
+ There are plenty of colors to choose!

– Not so much on the negative side maybe the size of the bottles of you are a high consumer of nail polish but for me it is a pro.
– Strong nail polish smell.

//En recension av Mavala nagellack som är fem free.

+ Höll bra och det gör de flesta nagellack inte på mig.
+ Praktiskt med små flaskor så man hinner använda dem.
+ En hel del spännande färger.

– Inte så mycket negativt men storleken för dem som är storkonsumenter.
– Luktar väldigt starkt.


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