Instagram feb-mars

Do you have Instagram? Do you want to connect with me? I will be happy to connect with you. You find me as @sadnesstheory (ofcourse!)

instagram_marsThese are some of the photos from Instagram! So I begin from the top, from left to right:

Erikshjälpen in Uppsala, thrift store // My friends cat Sixten, he’s a sweetheart! // Mmm, semla, a swedish delicacy! // Semla in the box! // A birthday breakfast for my sister! // My sweet dad made this chocolate for me! // After laundry glas of wine!
// Rehearsing with Edenroad and recording! // Kale, so fresh so nice! // Two new old second hand pictures on the wall // The pictures before being on the wall!
// Armcandy!

// På Instagram finns jag som @sadnesstheory så hör av dig gärna där! Här ser du några av de senaste bilderna och vad de föreställer!



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